How to become a web developer

A web developer is a person who develops web apps or websites. As you read in the title, I will tell you how can you become a web developer. In this article, I will tell you which programming languages you should learn to become a web developer.

So without wasting time lets start. A web developer should be able to create frontend as well as backend. If you don’t know what is frontend and backend don’t worry.



A frontend is a part of a web application that a user experiences or sees. For example, when a user visits a web page then a user sees various styles and images of the website, this is the frontend. A user can see the code used to create the frontend such as JavaScript.

So for the frontend development, one should learn HTMLCSSJavaScript. But you must also learn some libraries of CSS and JavaScript. Some of the CSS libraries are W3.CSS and purecss and JavaScript libraries are JQuery, Angular, etc.

JavaScript can be used to develop frontend as well as backend. For example, JavaScript is used in Node.js.



Now let’s look at backend. Backend is is a part of a web application or website which processed on the server-side and a user doesn’t know about it and also can’t see it. For example when a user login or signup or submits a form then user data processed on the server-side. There are many programming languages for backend development such as PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, etc. you can learn any of them.

And now the main point. Keep in mind that if you are learning PHP then don’t forget to learn composer, laravel. If you want to learn Node.js then also learn Express.js and learn Django if you are learning Python.

You’ve learned what is frontend and backend and what programming languages you should learn for the development of frontend and backend. Now for your convenience, I will list all programming languages you must learn to become a developer or to develop web apps or websites.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP or Node.js or Python or anything for backend

You should also learn some libraries for web development which are:-

  • Purecss or W3.css or anything for CSS
  • JQuery or Angular or anything for JavaScript
  • Composer and laravel for PHP
  • Express.js for Node.js
  • Django for python

I hope this article will help you. Write in the comment if you have any queries or problems. Thank you for giving your precious time.

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