How to use your Android mobile as a local server

In this post, you will learn how you can use your mobile as a server or web server. Thus, you can also transfer files between devices. To do so, first, you need an app that will enable server functionality in your mobile device.
                There are many apps that you can use. But we will use the app named “Simple HTTP Server”. Install this application and open it. Select a folder that you want to share in the app setting. Now Simply put HTML files in this folder which you want to show when someone visits your IP address. However, you can put any type of file to share.

              Now open your app and press the ON button. The IP address will be visible on the main screen in-app.

After this step open your IP address in any browser URL or click in URL. For example, if your IP address is then visit and your website will be open. In this example, I have put an HTML file.

Now the server is running. To open your website or content in other mobile, you have to open your hotspot and connect another mobile device to your hotspot. Now open your IP in another mobile browser. 

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